• AIOps for IT Infrastructure

    Predict & Prevent incidents and improve your bottom line


    We have built the most advanced automation solution to monitor Enterprise Infrastructure.

    Incidents and disruption to business costs companies hundreds of millions annually. We can save you 70% of that.

  • Take IT Automation to the Next Level with AIOps

    Become Proactive

    Accurately predict infrastructure incidents before they occur (60-80% accuracy)

    Alert Fatigue

    Reduce noise alert by 93% and only focus on issues that need your attention

    Advanced Root Cause Analysis

    Our AI points you directly to the root cause of the problem

    Automated Resolution

    AI recommended actions reduces your MTTR by 45%

  • "By 2020, approximately 50% of enterprises will actively use AIOps platforms to provide insights into both business execution and IT operations, which is an increase from fewer than 10% today."


  • How It Works

    Real Time Parsing

    PacketAIOps receives raw event data and maps it to the appropriate data ingest module. We plug in to your centralised pool or provide collection, centralisation and cleaning as a service

    Noise Reduction

    Events are de-duplicated and an entropy value is assigned (Semantic, Temporal and Topological) to filter noise from key alerts

    Clustering & Co-relation

    Unsupervised and Supervised learning algorithms along with NLP allows us to accurately cluster alerts into grouped events and run co-relation algorithms

    Root Cause Analysis

    Using Neural networks our ML detects patterns from historical data and successful corrective actions to suggest probable root causes

    Recommendation & Insights

    The AI suggests recommended actions to automatically solve issues and helps in resource provisioning. Its important to remember that our AI never takes action on its own

  • Adapted to your Infrastructure needs


    We get it. You have to keep some things on-site, owned and operated by you.

    Cloud - Private or Public

    Shifting to the cloud? We have you covered. Choose from private or hosted cloud.


    The best of both worlds. We span both on-premise and cloud environments, because we understand the needs of the modern enterprise.

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