• AIOps for IT / Network Automation

    Predict & Prevent IT / Network incidents affecting your bottom line


    We have built the most advanced automation solution for telecom and enterprise networks. Our AI-powered platform automates up to 80% of day-to-day Ops of France's largest telecom and cloud providers with unprecedented accuracy.

  • PacketAI was the grand winner of Trophé Startup Numérique 2018


  • Take IT Automation to the Next Level with AIOps

    Become Proactive

    Apply proactive AI-logging
    to accurately predict IT incidents based on previous data

    Alert Fatigue

    Reduce noise alert by 93% and only focus on issues that need your attention

    Accurately detect root-cause of issues

    AI can correlate thousands of parameters and quickly pinpoint to the ones causing issues

    Resolve Issues

    Improve your mean-time-to-resolution by 60% and keep the business running

    Deliver Your Best

    Attend to issues before they impact your customers

  • "By 2020, approximately 50% of enterprises will actively use AIOps platforms to provide insights into both business execution and IT operations, which is an increase from fewer than 10% today."


  • AIOps for
    IT Operational Excellence
    Lead a Successful Digital Transformation With a Modern Hybrid IT

  • What we do

    Improve Customer Experience With AIOps

    By automatically and continuously analyzing IT ops data, PacketAI's intelligence helps you achieve 93% alert noise reduction and 45% MTTR improvement in your daily IT Operations.


    Employ a Hermetic Monitoring Solution

    Free-up teams and solution professionals by shifting the heavy lifting to an unlimited centralized log event storage solution.

    Get notified about your customer experience problems before your customers notice

    PacketAI's Predictive Monitoring solution helps organizations solve issues before they reach customers, with its predictive AI-based ticketing solution.

    PacketAI's AIOps solution learns your ITSM-generated past incidents, correlates it with data records, and predicts when the incidents are going to occur again. This ensures smooth operations, with no downtime, no outages and no threat to ongoing activity.

    Key Benefits:

    • Enhanced customer loyalty
    • Lower churn rates
    • Increased profitability
    • Prolonged customer lifetime value (CLV). 
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  • The Network use case

  • Our Vision


    The idea that networks could be self-provisioning, self-diagnosing, and self-healing, has been around for some time. But with advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies, such notions are now becoming realities.


    Artificial intelligence can absorb terabytes of data and make sense of it instantaneously. AI automates all the “heavy lifting”—all the discovery and analysis that take teams of experts hours or days, AI does in milliseconds—to proactively identify problems and pinpoint the underlying root cause.


    The traditional monitoring approach of watching dashboards, responding to alerts, and manually analyzing data sets doesn’t work anymore. Today’s hyper-dynamic, highly distributed application environments have gotten too complex and move too fast. The volume, velocity, and variety of information is simply more than humans are able to keep up with using traditional tools.

  • Our Offer

    Traffic Engineering as a Service

    Our Bephor platform collects data from the client's network and computes dynamic routing paths, insights into problems, root cause analysis for better fault tolerance. etc.

    Security as a Service

    Our platform continuously analyses massive amounts of network data looking for anomalies and very early attack signs. Knowledge on new cyber attacks are preserved and used across different client networks

    Host Profiling

    Operators can use our platform for end-host profiling. Understanding end-host traffic habits is crucial for providing customized services.

    Predictive Analysis

    We provide a prediction engine that is far superior than anything available in the network monitoring market. With enough data, our platform predicts network parameters with unprecidented accuracy

  • The OpenStack use case

    Coming soon ...

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